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How long should curtains be?

Really short valance, floating curtains, or those that go all the way to the floor? When it comes to curtain length, the choice can be challenging. But with professional tips from us at My Window, you can ensure that curtains enhance the room they are installed in. So, how long should curtains be, really? Read on to get the answer.

Curtains from ceiling to floor

That’s the golden rule
of curtain installation.Of course, you can choose shorter types of curtains if you prefer. But by choosing long curtains, we let them do what they do best, namely to ceiling height to make the room feel taller and give it a luxurious and cozy atmosphere. The best is to place them as high as possible: from ceiling to floor, and also from wall to wall. If you can’t mount the curtain on the ceiling, then use another ‘natural line’ high up on the wall, such asa molding or a cornice, above or below which the curtain may hang. However, the biggest mistake is to hang the curtain right above the window sill. If you also have a short curtain, it makes the room look much smaller than it actually is.

Let the materials take space

When choosing how long curtains should be, the choice of material actually matters as well. Choosing a thicker fabric like velvet in a darker color can feel especially luxurious, but a fabric in a thinner material and a lighter color enhances the sense of the room’s space. One tip to make the room extra luxurious and have more options for privacy and blackout is to choose a curtain in a thinner fabric that is hung first and then put up an additional curtain in a thicker fabric on top of it. This creates an unbeatable hotel feeling just with the help of curtains!

Draping and floating curtains

Exactly how long the curtain should be once it’s hung from the ceiling is a matter of taste. There are mainly two schools of thought: the trailing or the floating curtain. The trailing curtain is a few centimeters longer and therefore has an extra couple to seven centimeters that rests on the floor. The floating curtain stops right at, or a couple of centimeters above, the floor. We at My Window recommend the latter. It keeps the curtains clean and fresh, as they don’t come into contact with natural dust and dirt from the floor.”

Perfect curtain length with My Window

If you’re unsure about the length of your curtains or need assistance with hanging them, you’re always welcome to contact us at My Window. We have showroomsin Stockholm, Jönköping, and Gothenburg, where we can show you our vision of beautiful window decor and how it can enhance the ambiance of an entire room, using custom curtains in the perfect length. We are also happy to assist with installation. Take a look at our wide selection of high-quality optionscurtains online or get in touch with us for an interior design consultation for your home or workplace