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Ready-made Roman Blind

Elegant and tasteful Roman blinds

An elegant Roman blind can elevate the overall impression of a room with large windows and serve as practical and straightforward sun protection. My Window offers ready-made Roman blinds crafted from fabrics carefully chosen for design and functionality. All our Roman blinds come with a white plastic ball chain and white bars that seamlessly blend into the room’s environment.

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Infinite possibilities -Roman blinds give you the ability to easily adjust your window view as needed. They are the perfect choice for those seeking versatility in their window decor. Roman blinds are both stylish and functional, making them an elegant solution for balancing both privacy and light in your room. Our collection offers a wide range of fabrics in various textures and colors to suit different interior styles

Choice of fabric– By selecting a color that harmonizes with the other interior details in the room, you can seamlessly integrate your window with the overall style of the space. It’s also important to consider your preferences regarding light penetration. If you aim for ample light in the room, a light linen curtain is an excellent choice, while a darker option provides less light but contributes to exciting patterns and texture that enhance the window’s aesthetics

Installation – “If you live in Stockholm, Gothenburg, or Jönköping, we offer installation of our products. Outside of these areas, you can use our installation instructions, which you can find. here . If you need further assistance, feel free to email or call us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our ready-made Roman blinds!




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Questions and Answers about Our Custom-Made Roman Blinds

Can you order a blackout Roman blind?

Are you looking for ready-made Roman blinds that provide complete blackout? Please note that even blinds classified as blackout may have some light gaps. The placement of window handles, the distance of the fabric or material from the window, and the mounting conditions are common reasons for light gaps. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that products with blackout fabric or material are 100% blackout. Hence, we have chosen not to offer blackout Roman blinds in our online shop.

How should I provide my measurements?

The measurements provided below in the online shop are manufacturing measurements, and My Window will not make any deductions. Is your Roman blind going to fit in a recess? In that case, we recommend making a deduction of 10 mm from the total width.

I need assistance with measuring my Roman blinds, what do I do?

We offer a free consultation, please email us at to schedule an appointment.

Can I mount my Roman blind on the ceiling?

Yes, it is possible to install Roman blinds on both the ceiling and the wall. Our standard brackets are designed to accommodate both wall and ceiling installations, depending on personal preference.

Our custom-made Roman blinds

Custom-made Roman blinds for a tailored window decor

Roman blinds are a stylish and functional solution to achieve the perfect balance between privacy and light in your home. With custom-made Roman blinds, you get window decor that is precisely tailored to your needs and space. There are many advantages to custom-made Roman blinds. First and foremost, you can choose the exact size for your window, ensuring a perfect fit and a professional finish. You also have the opportunity to select from a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns that match your interior style.

When choosing custom-made Roman blinds, you can be confident that they will meet your requirements for both aesthetics and functionality. Whether you prefer gentle natural light or a darker, cozy room, you can customize your Roman blinds to achieve the desired outcome. Finally, the installation of custom-made Roman blinds is smooth and straightforward. By following the included instructions or allowing our installers to do the job, you can quickly and efficiently enjoy your tailored Roman blinds, transforming your home into a place of both style and functionality.